1st October - 31st May. Daily transport for Overland Track. No Winter service available


Have a question you need to know the answer to? Check out our FAQ's.  There's a chance someone else has already asked the same question.

Where in Launceston do you pick up from?
As we have multiple pick ups each morning, our pick ups begin at 6:30am and are available from all central Launceston hotels/motels and backpackers.  If you are staying at an Airbnb, please contact us to see where your nearest pick up location is.  Due to time restraints, we are unable to pick up from outside of the Launceston central area.

What happens if I am late and I miss the bus at Lake St Clair?
We understand that due to weather, sometimes you end up being a day or two longer on the Overland Track than you expected.  No problem.  As long as there is availability, we'll get you on the next bus without additional cost. 

Are there concessions available for children or seniors?
Unfortunately we do not offer concessions.  

Is there a group discount?
Yes, if you have a group of 7 or more people and one payment is made for all passengers.  We will cap the price if you have between 7 and 13 people. Please contact us here to chat to us about your group discount.

Are the prices in Australian dollars?
Yes, all prices are in Australian dollars.

What if I need to cancel my booking?
Please see our Terms and Conditions for our cancellation policy.

Can I walk the Overland Track in shoes?
Overland Track Transport highly recommends wearing lace-up, waterproof hiking boots (or a mid-boot as a minimum) for safety and comfort. 

Do I really need Gaiters?
Gaiters are not used in other parts of Australia but here in Tassie they are part of the uniform.  Gaiters help protect your legs, keep your boots dry and assist with snake protection. You'll be very glad you used them.

Can i charge my camera/phone on the track?
No. there is no power on the track. Please be sure to carry spare batteries or a solar charging unit.

Is there any phone reception on the Overland Track?
There is very little reception throughout the track once you leave Cradle Mountain. We highly recommend turning the phone off (flight mode if you are using it for a camera) and enjoy "disconnecting" whilst on the Overland Track.  Also other walkers don't want to be quietly sitting watching a Mother and Baby Wombat feeding in the grass and then hear your phone ringing with your Achy Breaky Heart ringtone.   

When is the best time to walk the Overland Track?
Spring has the wildflowers, Summer has the warm days with swimming in the lakes and Autumn has the amazing colours throughout the park as the deciduous trees prepare for the Winter.  Basically, any time of year is the right time to walk the Overland Track. 

Will I see a Tasmanian Tiger?
Well, we all know a man, who knows a man, who once saw something, that might have been a Tiger.  Keep your eyes wide and your cameras charged. 

What essential items should i take?
There are a few products that will make your Overland Track Experience an unforgettable experience.  They don't weigh much but will make a big impact on your walk.  

* Ear Plugs - Snoring hikers are plenty.  Give yourself a good nights sleep.
* Lip Balm - Cracked, dry lips.  no thanks.
* Overland Track Map - With all the information you can ask for, the Overland Track Map will let you know where you are at all times on the track.  The names of Mountains, Rivers, Lakes and Landmarks.
* Pocket Day Packs - weighing only 68 grams, the 20lt Pocket Day Pack will hold your rain jacket, lunch, camera and water bottle as you take a side trip.  Leave your main pack at the turn off and enjoy some free time from your big pack. 
* Wilderness Wipes - we need say no more.
* Hand Sanitizer - Use it.  and then use it again. 
WonderWool - prevent blisters on your feet and add padding to hip belts and shoulder straps.  

How steep is the walk?
Below is a vertical profile of the Overland Track, with five huts marked along the way.