1st October - 31st May. Daily transport for Overland Track. No Winter service available

Car Shuffles

Thinking of driving your car to Lake St Clair and needing transport back to Cradle Mountain?

The thought of having your car at Lake St Clair waiting for you when you finish the Overland Track is a great one and to have your dry, warm, clean clothes there in the boot waiting for you is appealing and we understand this.
Unfortunately as there is not a direct road linking Lake St Clair and Cradle Mountain, this is much harder than it first appears.  We have 3 options for you to consider and welcome any further questions you have to try and resolve the logistics with your car shuffle. 

Option 1. Lake St Clair - Cradle Mountain Shuffle.

We can offer you transfers from Lake St Clair to Cradle Mountain departing Lake St Clair at approx. 11:00am.  We will have our driver meet you at Lake St Clair and take you via Queenstown on the West Coast back to Cradle Mountain.  This is a more expensive option and is charged at the below rate:  

COST: $650 (up to 13 passengers)

Option 2. Car driven to Lake St Clair.
We will meet you at 2:30pm at Lake St Clair where you can park your car and for you to catch our daily departure back to Launceston where you will arrive at approx. 5:30pm.  You can then spend the night in Launceston and then catch our 7:00am shuttle to Cradle Mountain, getting you on the track by 10:30am. (tip - just one person needs to drive the car to Lake St Clair to save additional fares)  

COST: Per person $75 per journey.

Option 3. Car driven to Cradle Mountain.

You and your party can drive to Cradle Mountain and leave your car parked at the Visitors Center and begin your journey on the Overland Track.  Once you arrive at Lake St Clair you can catch our daily departure at 2:30pm back to Launceston where you will arrive at approx. 5:30pm.  The next morning you can then catch our 7:00am departure from Launceston to Cradle Mountain where we will drop you to your car at the Visitors Center. (tip - just one person needs to catch the 7:00am shuttle to Cradle Mountain to save additional fares)  

COST: Per person $75 per journey.

Below is a map to give you a better idea of what access is available between Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair as well as a diagram of the routes our Overland Track Transport Buses take.

If you have any further questions please contact us on email or 0474 172 012.